Post-emancipation horse race classic set for Sunday


Clear Waters running neck and neck with KMTC

The Kennard’s Memorial Turf Club (KMTC) will run off their one-day Post-Emancipation eight-race programme on Sunday at Bush Lot Farm on the Corentyne, Berbice.

The top race of the day will see horses classified B1 and lower covering a distance of seven furlongs with the winner pocketing $1,000,000 and the Ivanoff Trophy.

The other events carded are for horses classed D3 maidens and E and Lower covering a distance of seven furlongs with $600,000 going to the first place finisher, G1 and Lower over seven furlongs for the top prize of $280,000, H1 and Lower battling over six furlongs with $240,000 going to the winner, then there is the five-furlong race for horses in the J1 and Lower class with $180,000 guaranteed for the winner and for horses in the L class and lower there will be to races over five furlongs. One of the races will be for the non-winners however, both races fetch a top purse of $120,000 for the winners.

KMTC Chairman, Justice Cecil Kennard (left) receives first prize cheque from Amarjeet Hardat for the Clear Waters Race
KMTC Chairman, Justice Cecil Kennard (left) receives first prize cheque from Amarjeet Hardat for the Clear Waters Race

Meanwhile, for the race for the two-year-old Guyana bred horses which will see the horses covering a distance of five furlongs Clear Waters has sponsored the first prize of $200,000. The race will also be contested under the Clear Waters label.

In a simple presentation to Chairman of the KMTC Justice Cecil Kennard last Friday Marketing, Sales and Distribution Manager of Clear Waters Amarjeet Hardat said that his company is in full support of the sport of horse racing and said with absolute certainty that this event will be well received.

In response Justice Kennard relayed deep gratitude, while acknowledging the value of such support and believes that no sport programme could be successful without such corporate intervention and is in great appreciation of the support rendered by Clear Waters over the years.

The day’s event is being run under the rules of the Kennard’s Memorial Turf Club and if for any reason there are less than five horses entered for an event, the club reserves the right to not run the race.

According to the organizers, five horses have to run for there to be a third place prize, while seven are needed for a fourth place prize. If only four horses run, then the winning prizes will be reduced by 25% while if there are only three starters then the reduction will be 40%.

(Guyana Times)


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