“Position doesn’t matter to me” – APNU’s Vanessa Kissoon  


By Jomo Paul


Kissoon[www.inewsguyana.com] – Former, A Partnership For National Unity (APNU) Member of Parliament Vanessa Kissoon says that her name not appearing on the APNI/AFC Lists of Candidates for the May 11 elections is inconsequential since “position doesn’t matter” to her.

When the opposition coalition submitted its Lists of Candidates, the names of Kissoon and Region 10 Regional Chairman Sharma Solomon were noticeably absent from the list.

When questioned about the development, Granger had simply said that Kissoon had already served two terms in the National Assembly.

Concern and speculation surrounding Kissoon’s absence from the lists has been rife in the media, but Kissoon by her own words was unfettered by the development.

“I don’t know if you could remember when I was back benched, and my voice was still heard, so position doesn’t matter to me. Whether in or out of parliament I will continue my advocacy, it is bigger than me, bigger than Mr. Granger and Mr Nagamootoo it is for our young people as I said they are our future,” said the Former Parliamentarian.

Kissoon pointed out that the real issue would be the task at hand for the opposition coalition, which is taking the reins of government and that is where she would be directing her energies.

“Our leaders have a job to do, and that is to take the country out of the wedlock created by the PPP so they choose the creme of the crop as I said, not making on the list changes nothing my voice will still be heard,” Kissoon lamented.



  1. KISSOON is a looser that granger the Danger get raid of her is lap dancer for pnc
    she deserve to be kicked out of the party no place for that kind of person on the list of pnc

  2. Leonie Alexander was also charged with Vanessa Kissoon. Alexander is no angel!
    I want to know why all you old PNC names are on the list and you have sidelined Kissoon, and Sharma Solomon! Sharma is young, smart, intelligent, and energetic.
    If he come over with us you PNC/AFC will cry moan “SOUP DRINKER”.
    Of course Vincent Alexander is alive, but Vincent Teekah was Murdered by his PNC.

  3. Just a word on the use of language. Ms Kissoon did not lament. What she said could hardly be viewed as lamentation. She declared or simply stated or proclaimed.

  4. Who will employed that law breakers girlfroma, a jenny ass like you to thief from us? All you PNC thinks of is corruptions and wickedness.

  5. deep down in she backside she hurting real bad…tap tap…oh yeah she will keep on fighting and advocating…baby u dont have the bully pulpit so you are out..the military man kicked u in your backside..see if u could go to whim and be an advocate and let your voice heard..its only one place and one set of people and yourself you advocating for.. why not let your voice heard for all peopled of guyana ?? you are so transparent and there are many like you fighting for power just to have that power..go and shout out more ppp political rallies..tkae your hooligans with with you..onyl your voice and the voice of the military man must be heard according to you..

  6. Position always matter to you and Sharma Solomon, that’s why you young people voted for Solomon at the 18th Biennial congress to run for the Presidency. You know that those old RIGGERS RIG the election. A week later Mr. Solomon said “There was nothing democratic about the electoral process of the PNC’s congress.

  7. By admission Vanessa is no longer a creme of the dwindling crop. This Brawling Skirmisher still see herself as a role model for PNC youths. PNC youths did good in their BAMSIE bussiness in Linden with Vanessa, J. Atwell, A. Barker, L. Alexander, and M. Williams. Where is Solomon?


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