Portuguese speaking bandits arrested after robbing jewellery store


Three Portuguese speaking gunmen alleged stormed a Lethem Jewellery store, attacked and robbed the owners as well as customers before being promptly apprehended by Police.

According to reports received, the robbery occurred at around 15:00hrs committed on the Michael’s Jewellery and cell phone shop located at Barrack Retreat and Kanuku Drive, Lethem.

Inews understands that the trio, all armed entered the establishment and tied up Maxine Buckley, the wife of the store owner along with a 24 year old customer and a Brazilian businesswoman.

The men then proceeded to ransack the store packing gold jewellery, cell phones, watches and other items with an estimated value of over $3.8 million.

A gun was then placed to Buckley’s head and the key’s to her husband’s car was demanded.

The frightened woman complied and the men proceeded to board the car but collided into a wall while attempting to escape some distance away.

An alarm was raised and the men, later identified as Brazilians were all arrested. The bag containing the items however was not found.

The trio, Gabriel Fanun Da Pinha, Elton Diego Doarete and Luenderson Mangabeira  on Friday last appeared at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court were all remanded to prison.



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