Porter 45, assaulted, robbed by lone gunman in his Alberttown home


Police are currently investigating an armed robbery committed on a porter of Fourth Street, Alberttown on Tuesday around 9:25h.

The victim, identified as 45-year-old Eckmond Pounder, was robbed of his cellphone and laptop by a lone gunman who investigators say was clad in a white jersey and a blue jeans at the time of the robbery.

Based on information received, Pounder was at his one flat wooden home, when he was approached by the perpetrator, who reportedly entered the house through the front door, brandishing a black handgun and demanding that the porter hand over his valuables.

Fearful for his life the victim handed over the above mentioned items.

Moreover, the armed bandit reportedly pushed his hands into the pockets of the victim and stole $1000.

This publication was also informed that the bandit then assaulted the 45-year-old man by hitting him in his face with the said firearm, causing him to receive an injury over his left eye.

The perpetrator then exited the house and ran off in a western direction, along Fourth Street and made good his escape.

The injured porter later made a report to the police and was escorted to the hospital for medical attention.


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