Port Kaituma miner charged for robbery, B&E


A Port Kaituma miner found himself before the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts on Wednesday charged for committing robbery with violence and breaking and entering a house in the North West District (NWD).

Delson Philly,  19, of Fitsberg, Port Kaituma, was not required to plea to the two charges read to him by the Chief Magistrate, Ann McLennan as he indicated that he would prefer that the case be heard before the High Court.

However, the charges alleged that he, on November 28 2018, while being together with Simmon Trap at McDoom, Port Kaituma, robbed Ricardo Reberio of $60,000 using violence during the course of the robbery.

Additionally, on December 8 2018 at Fitsberg, he broke and entered the dwelling house of Sherwin Dollway and stole one blue cellphone and sim card along $8,700 cash and other items with a total value of $29,800.

Police Prosecutor Gordon Mansfield had no bail objection but that stipulation be attached to same. As such, the defendant was granted bail in the sum of $10,000 for each charge and was ordered to make weekly reports at the Port Kaituma Police Station.

He was also placed on bond to be of good behaviour until the completion of trial. The matter was set down until February 5 2018 at the Matthews Ridge Magistrates’ Courts.


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