Pork-knocker found dead on backdam trail


Two persons are now in police custody for questioning into the murder of a 22-year-old pork-knocker, whose lifeless body was found on a trail in the Obanna Backdam, Kuribrong, Region Eight (Potaro-Siparuni).

Dead is Samuel Gonsalves of Tabatinga, Lethem, who is believed to have been killed sometime in the afternoon on Christmas Day.

According to police reports, Gonsalves was employed with a gold miner and was working at a 4-inch land dredge at Obanna Backdam.

On December 23, the young man received his payment in raw gold from his boss and shortly after, he went to the Kuribrong Landing where he was imbibing at various shops with his friends.

He reportedly continued the drinking spree into Christmas Eve until the following day, when about 12:00h he left a shop and headed for the Backdam. However around 18:30h that same day, a ranger of the district discovered Gonsalves lifeless body on the trail and informed the police.

The body, which bore two suspected stab wounds to the left side chest, is presently at the Mahdia Hospital mo1rtuary awaiting a post mortem examination.

Meanwhile, police have arrested two persons, who are currently assisting with the investigation.