Population Drop: Guyana should not import skilled labour – iNews Poll



pie chart[www.inewsguyana.com] – An iNews poll has found that Guyana should not import skilled labour even though there is a decrease in the country’s population.

A number of participants voted on the question: Should the country consider a change to its immigration policy to import skilled labour in light of the population drop?

Forty two percent voted ‘No’, 39 percent voted ‘yes’ and nineteen percent were undecided.

Guyana recorded a marginal reduction of 3,339 in its population, according to a preliminary report of the long awaited Population and Housing Census 2012.

Guyana’s population count now stands at 747,884 having been 751,223 when the previous population count was conducted in 2002.                                                          

When asked about the factors that contributed to this decline, Chief Statistician and Census Officer Lennox Benjamin explained that migration continues to be the major factor in this regard.




  1. Of course I agree. You have enough skilled young men and women in Guyana, you need to train and put them to work to rebuild their country.

  2. The poll was not worded properly.
    I vote as undecided.
    I think we should allow investors in to open Businesses upon conditions to employ at least five people for argument sake. If we have enough vacancy, the investor can sponsor employees on a ratio basis.
    We cannot invite cronic unskilled people in to burden the state.
    They must pay to play.

  3. skilled labor u talking bout here.if guyanese had the skill then guyana would have been developed many moons ago.some guyanese are skilled alrite..in teefing


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