Popular Essequibo Businessman Kayman Sankar dies


[www.inewsguyana.com] – Well known Essequibo businessman, Kayman Sankar passed away late Tuesday evening (February 11), his son Beni Sankar confirmed to iNews.

The 87 – year – old man was the owner of the largest rice mill in Essequibo and is popular within the country’s political circles. Born at Cornelia Ida, West Coast of Demerara, on June 3, 1926, Sankar was the eldest brother of five siblings.

From an article published it in the Guyana Chronicle in 2010, it was noted that Dr. David Chanderballi wrote a book on him, in the flyleaf of which he quoted Jonathan Swift: “Whoever could make two ears of corn, or two blades of grass to grow on a spot of ground where only one grew before, would deserve better of mankind, and do more essential service to his country than the whole race of politicians put together.”

His dedication read: “I dedicate this book to all youths, especially those born in want, hoping that the example of my industry would inspire them to aspire to achieve great success in life.”

In the Preface, then chairman of the rice entities, Mr. Charles Kennard, wrote: “A biography of Kayman Sankar is a reflection of the development of the rice industry. He started, like all of our early farmers, with the oxen and plough. From there, he moved on to over the years in developing his rice cultivation to what it is today – large-scale, fully-mechanized systems involving the use of tractors for land-preparation, bulk combines for harvesting, bulk trailers for the transportation of paddy, aircraft for seeding, fertilizing, and pest disease and weed control.”

The article noted, “From a childhood home of mud-daubed walls to a sprawling millionaire’s estate at Hampton Court was an epic journey, but it was the journey of a dynamic man who carved success out of a landscape of penury and want, and the ambition to provide better lives for his family out of the wherewithal generated by his own endeavours, driven by aspirations that defied parameters of circumstances and dislocations to surpass his greatest dreams.”



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