Poor state of another interior road causes worry


The current state of one of the rods. [iNews' Photo]
The current state of one of the rods. [iNews’ Photo]
Road users plying the Linden-Lethem route and those going to the Cuyuni and Mazaruni areas are complaining about the poor state of the roadways.

Residents, miners and foresters have berated what they describe as “poor conditions” of Mabura and other critical trails.

“Little priority seems to be given to the issue of interior roadways by the authorities,” complained a road user who ply the route. IMG-20130901-00110

Just last week protests were staged over poor state of interior roads in Kwakwani-Ituni, Region 10 and Pork Kaituma, Region 1.

The Ministry of Public Works has come under criticisms for the poor conditions of the interior roadways.IMG-20130901-00111



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