Pomeroon woman stabs husband to death with scissors


…after he reportedly insulted her of having an affair with her cousin 

By Indrawattie Natram

A 30-year-old craft woman of Dredge Creek, Upper Pomeroon River in Region Two is currently on the run after she allegedly stabbed her reputed husband with a pair of scissors. Dead is Alfro Adams, called ”Fro”,  a labourer of Himacobra, Moruca in the North West District.

The incident reportedly occurred on Monday around noon at Dredge Creek.

According to information reaching INews, the suspect Wavney John was living in an abusive relationship with Adams for the past 6 years. The deceased was said to be in the habit of consuming alcohol and would often accuse his wife of having an affair with her cousin.

Information revealed that the couple have an 18-month-old child. Due to Adams’ “domineering attitude”, relatives said John was forced to leave the village and venture to Dredge creek to live with an aunt Lucille George.  George is a handy craft worker and had offered Wavney John a job.

Based on reports received, Adams on August 21, 2017, showed up at George’s home around 07:00hrs. At that time John and her aunt were at Charity market selling their craft works.

Adams then left his reputed wife to sell with her aunt after which he went to a nearby shop where he reportedly consumed alcohol. At around 11:00hrs, the craft women finished selling and were about to enter their boat when Adams showed up again asking to join them.

He was allowed into the boat and they all  journeyed to her Dredge Creek home. When they reached home, they got settled and John continued with her handy craft while the now deceased Adams reportedly continued to consume “high wine”.

After some time he approached his wife allegedly saying, “you f…… with your cousin, you shameless woman, I will deal with you”.

He reportedly continued to hurl abuses towards his wife, allegedly assaulting her afterwards.

John reportedly got enraged and picked up her scissors, that she was using at the time, and dealt “one juck” to his right side chest.

Adams, this publication was informed, dropped to the floor with blood oozing from his chest. The wife subsequently fled the scene. Her uncle, Peter George, then went to the rescue of the injured man and placed a towel on Adams’ chest.

They immediately transported him to the Charity Oscar Joseph hospital where he succumbed to his injuries. He was then examined by a female constable who observed a stab wound to  his right chest. The body was then escorted to the Suddie mortuary awaiting an autopsy.

The crime scene was visited by Police Commander Stephen Mansell and other ranks. The George’s family then showed detectives where the incident occurred and blood stains were seen. No scissors was found, although checks were made around the environs.

Police are continuing their investigations.


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