UPDATE: Pomeroon murders: Weapons, ammo, drugs found near crime scene, victim’s wife in custody


As investigations continue into the execution- style killing of two farmers at Lower Pomeroon River in Region Two, investigators late Monday evening found weapons, ammunition and a quantity of narcotics assumed to be related to the crime.

INews was informed that, one 9 mm pistol and magazine, one .38 revolver, 16 live twelve gauge cartridges, 21 live .38 rounds, 6 live .32 rounds, two 9 mm spent shells, 19 live 9mm rounds and over 51 grams of cannabis were reportedly found in close proximity of where the incident occurred.

Police in a subsequent release detailed that one of the persons who is assisting with the investigation led the police to a location where the bag was retrieved and examined.

According to the police, the contents in the bag are the aforementioned cache of arms and ammunition with a quantity of dried cannabis alleged to be the belongings of one of the deceased.

The items were reportedly recovered in close proximity of where the incident occurred at Grant Stelling Lower Pomeroon.

Ambrose Baharally called ‘Jadge’, 28, of Grant Stelling Hope, Lower Pomeroon River and his colleague Martin Godette, 23, of Friendship Canal, Lower Pomeroon River were murdered around 15:30hrs on Sunday at Grant Stelling Hope, Lower Pomeroon River, allegedly by two males who were armed with handguns.

The farmers were shot in their heads.

Inews understands that Baharally’s wife, and mother of his six children, Cilicia Williams has since been taken into custody, along with another farmer who reportedly witnessed the murders.

After the murders occurred, Williams related to police that her husband was visited by Martin Godette and the men subsequently began drinking in front of their home.

She disclosed that she saw the suspects who approached in a boat and shook her husband and his friend’s hand.

Williams also said when she saw the group of men together, they were having a conversation and were in high spirits . As such, Williams said she then went inside the house and tended to her one month old baby, leaving the men to socialize.

The woman detailed further that she subsequently heard the noise coming from outside and when she looked, she saw her husband and his friend on the ground.

“I heard two loud sound, it’s was two gunshots, by the time I watched out my husband and he friend dropped to the ground, the men then jump in the boat and went, I was so helpless to see my husband in the pool of blood, I began to scream and persons rushed over” Williams exclaimed.

Contrary to the widow’s report however, the farmer who is a witness in the case reportedly told officers that he did not see any men approaching in any boat.

This publication was informed that his story was quiet different from that of Williams. He also reported that he heard the sound of a third gunshot after the two men fell to the ground.

The police, after conducting their preliminary investigations, had revealed in a statement that the victims were seen conversing with the suspects about 15:10hrs on the day in question and shortly after two loud explosions were heard and the suspects were seen fleeing the scene by boat.

The police have since deployed a high-level team to the area to assist with investigations, as officers continue to comb the Pomeroon river in an effort to find a lead that may solve the the case.

According to the police “the hands of the two deceased and both persons who are assisting with the investigation were swabbed for gunpowder residue.”

The suspects accused of pulling the triggers are yet to be apprehended.

Investigations are ongoing.


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