Pomeroon men freed of 2016 manslaughter charge

Lennox Baharally and Rondell Edwards

Lennox Baharally, 36, and Rondell Edwards, 21, both boat builders, exited the Suddie High Court as free men on Wednesday after a no-case submission submitted by their attorney was upheld by trial Judge, Justice Sandra Kurtzious.

The two men were on trial before Justice Kurtzious after pleading not guilty to a manslaughter charge which detailed that on April 26, 2016, they unlawful killed Mohammed Shameer at Jacklow, Pomeroon.

At the summary of the matter on Wednesday, Attorney Jerome Khan argued that the State failed to provide sufficient evidence that the duo committed the act intentionally.

As such, the trial Judge upheld the submission and ordered the 12-member jury to return a formal not guilty verdict.

Reports are that the duo, while aboard a boat, collided with Shameer’s boat in the Pomeroon River. It is alleged that after the accident, instead of going to a hospital, the duo took the man’s body to a swamp area and reportedly concealed it.