Pomeroon farmer drowns


Police are investigating the circumstances surrounding the death of Winston Alberta, 53, of Akawaini Creek, Pomeroon River.

Alberta, a farmer, is suspected to have drowned between November 30 and December 2, 2019.

The man lived with his sister and would normally set seine in the Pomeroon River.

On November 30, he left home under the influence of alcohol at around 18:00hrs to check on his seine.

He was in a paddle boat.

The man, however, did not return for the remainder of the night. The next day, his sister got worried and formed a search party.

The man’s boat was found tied to a tree next to the river mouth/

On December 2, his body was found floating in the Pomeroon River.

The body was examined but no marks of violence were found.

Investigations are in progress.