Political Parties neglecting Guyanese youth – iNews Poll


Schools[www.inewsguyana.com] – Despite the fact that all local political Parties have talked at length about their respective plans for the youth of Guyana, the majority of respondents to a recent iNews poll, which saw more than 400 votes, believe that adequate attention is not being given to the youth population.

Citizens were asked: “Do you think that political parties are giving adequate attention to the welfare of young people in Guyana?” In response, 90% of participants which accounted for 402 votes said no, eight percent said yes and a mere three percent were undecided.

There is no doubt that all political parties have plans for the development of Guyana’s youth population but according to the results of this poll, more needs to be done.

Recently, Guyana’s Youth and Culture Minister Dr. Frank Anthony pointed out that the call for youth investment must also be backed with the mobilization of resources at the global, regional and national levels.

Speaking on the occasion of World Population Day, Anthony said he supports the call; adding that it was time to move from advocacy and show action

Minister Anthony spoke directly to sustaining funding to fight HIV and other Sexually Transmitted Diseases along with teenage pregnancy. According to him if funding is taken away now it can result in a regression of the good successes achieved in these areas.

He said it was equally important to promote sexual reproductive health and make youth friendly services more widely available.

The Minister added that there was too much talk and said more needs to be done to ensure that the necessary resources are provided.


  1. here is another poll question::
    Do you think Guyanese are given due respect by other CARICOM countries?
    hell yes ..guyanese entering other people country but dont want to be searched or frisked at their airports..guyanese quickto cuss those who question their visit..when found lying oh lawwd they get their political master to pelt lash pon ppp saying look how you got others treating guyanese and ppp not doing anything to stop it. .once guyanese can fully co-operate with immigration and customs in caricom countries life will be better for all..u bet they dont enter canada and usand brit and cuss them out there..

  2. “youth” from the time that word is uttered the entire world know the talk will be about black youths..like i said..most pnc supporters trolling the net for polls like this..do a poll and ask if parents not parent in most cases or government must be held responsible for their youth..when the youth leaders stop going into their communities and stop the trash that that government not doing this that the other for you the youths will start thinking for themselves on how to better their lives.,the youth rulers know they cant tell the youths the truth simply because those rulers will be put out of business and will have to get a job to feed themselves like the others they come into these communities to trash.


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