Political blame game continues as violent crimes increase

[File Photo]
Anil Nandlall
Central Committee Member of PPP, Anil Nandlall

[www.inewsguyana.com] – The People’s Progressive Party (PPP) today expressed grave concerns over the rise of violent crimes. Speaking on the matter at the party’s headquarters, Central Committee Member Anil Nandlall rejected the opposition’s recent statements which sought to lay the blame for the crime situation at the feet of the government.

And in doing so, he in turn laid the blame on the other side. According to Nandlall, the evidence will show that many of the criminal atrocities being committed are centrally directed, and that the intellectual authors have deep political connections.

In addition, Nandlall said the statistics will also show that crime increases whenever there is political discord. To back up his move to blame the opposition for the out of control gun crimes, Nandlall reminded of the APNU and AFC decision to vote down the Bill seeking to increase the penalties for gun crimes.

He said that move by the parliamentary opposition for narrow political points, sacrificed the safety of all Guyanese and embolden the criminals. The PPP further argued that the opposition’s unspoken support from criminals is most glaring in their defence of criminals in the law courts.

The party meanwhile, calls on all Guyanese to fulfill their duty, and wage a war against criminals and crime. Nandlall stressed that crime fighting is not a battle for the government alone, but for the entire nation.



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