Policeman under close arrest after shooting alleged goat thief in buttocks


crime scene[www.inewsguyana.com] – It was a dramatic scene on Wednesday morning (September 09) when four alleged thieves tried to escape with two goats in a vehicle, leaving a policeman under close arrest and a man nursing a gunshot wound to his buttocks.

iNews understands that at about 05:30 hrs, the police responded to a report of suspected larceny of goats and on arrival at the Helena No. 2 Public Road, Mahaica, East Coast Demerara, three men and a woman were seen in a motor vehicle with two goats.

A police report noted that the men and the woman made efforts to escape and were pursued by the police, during which one of the men allegedly attacked a rank with a pair of scissors and was shot to his buttocks.

The injured man has been admitted to the Mahaicony Hospital, while another man and the woman were arrested and are in police custody. It was noted that the Police Office of Professional Responsibility is conducting investigations into the incident and the police rank concerned is under close arrest.



  1. What a big joke ,the thief attack the police and when the police responds he is arrested,if he was killed by the bandit he would have had a military parade and his family would have been left to fend for themselves,what a great security minister and commissioner of police we have and they are trying to ask people to join the police force.


    This Goat Thief is lucky that he was only shot In The Ass.

    If the Police were being attacked these thieves. Defending themselves is warranted, under those circumstances.

    However, In America, the Police are not so considerate with thieves. They may have all been killed.

  3. Are you kidding me? With decisions like this no Police will want to confront bandits. When bandits shoot and kill civilians they are out on bail within days or weeks. Sad situation here……..

  4. U attacked with a scissors and got shot in your buttocks? Not right to me unless the attacker attacked then turned to run after gun drawn. Three men one woman and two goats. Sounds like a movie in the making at 530 am

  5. This is sending a very confusing message. The cop should have allowed the perp to stab him before he took action. He did not kill this thief who may be sitting on a pillow for a spell. What is the police to do?

  6. so he thiefing and de police under close arrest….something amist…attacked with scissors and de police in jail….sry fa dem police..just cant win


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