Policeman among two arrested for armed robbery of taxi driver


crime[www.inewsguyana.com] – A Guyana Police Force (GPF) Officer is among two persons that have been arrested in connection with the robbery of a taxi driver in Bachelors Adventure East Coast Demerara (ECD) on November 28.

A release from the police stated that the Officer has confessed to the armed robbery and is in police custody.

The suspects were arrested on Thursday December 03 and charges are expected to be laid shortly.

 Police say the the two suspects and a female accomplice had hired the taxi-driver from Mahaica Market for Bachelor’s Adventure.

When they arrived at the location, the taxi driver was held at gunpoint and his motor car, cell phone and $18,000 taken away.

 Police have not recovered the vehicle which was also stolen during the ordeal is yet to be recovered.



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  2. The police and the others shall sent to the rope so the other will see who next to take the rope in cuba small crime big crime same treatment you get get some of them here mr ramjattan shame on you and the rest of your set change from good to worst more crime ever after may 11 you have an eye that look like this one look at the top for money and other look to full your pockets

  3. The officers had no choice too many kids and children mothers to take care of they are not making enough money as stooges for the government elites so they have to rob hard working ppl.This is only the beginning many more to come.

  4. well what happen Mr. Minista of Public Security , your own faithful are turning and rob the poor people , when you and your quality minister in office enjoying taxpayers money at your whim and fancy, theses are the credible policemen you have……. Rogue cops will not be allowed … waiting to see what you will be doing

  5. Policeman among two arrested for armed robbery of taxi driver
    We the people keep saying that we are more afraid of police than that of bandits:
    madmaxx the racists have no shame.. Some with criminal minds take the job because they see the power that comes with being a police..
    A police officer is the most powerful single human walking the streets of any country since their job comes with a uniform and badge with tremendous power over the ordinary citizens who can take your life at will with impunity and justify it.
    This is why a robbery such as this- the common bandit should receive 50 years in jail for armed robber– once its police then police must spend the rest of their lives in jail.. The only way to send a very strong message to those with criminal minds who joined the police force.

  6. Police and intelligence agencies know everything about crime and criminals. Why’d they act and be a good cops?


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