Police wardens to be deployed in mining areas to address lawlessness


– and curb illegal activities

In light of increasing criminal activities in the hinterland, Government will be introducing batches of Police wardens to curb illegal activities there, particularly in mining areas.
Speaking on the weekly television programme, ‘The Public Interest’, which aired on Friday, President David Granger pointed out that this was one of a series of efforts taken to address the “lawlessness” that has been occurring in the hinterland.
He noted that already the presence of Police Officers in those areas have been strengthened, with the mounted Police branch now in the Rupununi – Region Nine (Upper Takutu-Upper Essequibo). However, the President outlined that other measures have been put in place to increase the presence of law enforcement in the hinterland. 
“We would also work towards increasing the number of rural constables to support the Police, but in addition to that, we are developing a core of wardens who will be working in the mining areas… there has been some lawlessness in mining areas leading to deaths, unfortunately; sometimes traffic accidents, sometimes murders, sometimes fatal accidents in the mines,” Granger told reporters during the programme.
According to the Head of State, these wardens will fall under the Guyana Police Force (GPF), operating under the Police Act, but will be performing specialised functions in those areas of interest.
“There needs to be better policing of our forested areas as well as to protect tourists when they come into this country. So, we already have a concept paper on the development of our core of wardens who will be working mainly in the extractive industries and the tourist industry in the hinterland. That will come on stream after they are trained and properly equipped,” he remarked.
In efforts to bring crime across the country under control, the Police Force has implemented a series of other actions.
One such step is the transfer of the Commander of the hinterland division (F Division), who has responsibility for Regions One, Seven, Eight and Nine to Bartica, as opposed to being at the Police Headquarters, Eve Leary.
Moreover, President Granger had previously mentioned plans to have the various Policing Divisions further sub-divided so that there are strong divisional commanders in each one of the administrative regions.


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