Police to set up serial offences unit

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[www.inewguyana.com] – A unit within the Guyana Police Force to tackle serial offenders is something that is being considered, according to Crime Chief, Wendell Blanhum.

Guyana has seen an increase in the amount of serial offenders over the past months with several being arrested and making their way to the Magistrates’ Court.

In most instances, the serial crimes committed by those persons differ from burglary, to robbery and sometimes rape. According to Blanhum, the unit will be dealing specifically with persons that are known offenders.

He provided examples noting that in some cases, a community may be quiet but as soon as a person is released from prison or custody, the police have to deal with several reports of infractions against the law.

He also pointed out that some persons would have been arrested and then released after having served their jail time, only to kill someone.

“Basically this is something that has been working along with the intelligence unit but some of the activities I would rather not comment on,” he said on Friday, November 13.

In October, police arrested a man believed to be the perpetrator of a spate of home intrusions in the Parfait Harmonie, West Bank Demerara area.

Ranks caught the man while conducting investigations into a report of break and enter and larceny on a house at Wales, West Bank Demerara. It was only while he was being questioned that the suspected confessed to the burglarly of several other houses in Parfait Harmonie.



  1. Guyana needs dedicated well paid honest team of officers than a weak helpless underpaid men in uniform. The crime rate is very high we need a anti crime special commandos and a intelligence wing to support them. The ranks in the force are know the bad guys. Politicians, police and even common man know who is the bandit but they don’t want to stop crime. Guyana is becoming heaven for these people and catching the people trafficking drugs, and illegal substances and human trafficking is not the solution for anything. We have to stop it by getting the right people running this syndicate.

    Good luck Guyana and our president will release more criminals hoping that they will support him in the next elections.

  2. Police to set up serial offenses unit
    These people are a bunch of clowns.
    The serial offenders are well protected by the same police these clowns will set up to do the job.
    The clowns are thieves yes thieves coz they take bribes so the serial offenders can continue to carry out their criminal serial activates .


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