Police to crack down on parking touts

Parking touts

Police will be clamping down on persons who are blocking off streets and parapets to force drivers to pay to park.

This is according to A Division (Georgetown-East Bank Demerara) Commander Marlon Chapman who says those ‘parking touts’ are committing an offence.

Of recent, parking touts have taken up positions at several streets in the city and are blocking off the parapets, forcing drivers to pay for parking.

According to drivers, the touts dressed in orange vests direct persons where to park and those who refuse to pay are blocked from parking in the area.

While some persons who are urgently seeking parking are appreciative of the touts, others who are not comfortable with persons demanding payment have taken to social media to express their disgust.

Commander Chapman in an invited comment told Inews that this practice was illegal.

“That can’t be legal. I haven’t had complaints of what you are speaking about, but that cannot be legal. I don’t know if they are employed by the persons who own those business places; I can’t speak about that,” the Commander said.

In this regard, Chapman promised to look into the issue, while adding that consultations with legal advisors may have to be done to decide on the way forward.


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