Police tell a different story in shooting death of Ryan Couchman

Ryan Couchman
Ryan Couchman
Ryan Couchman

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Police in a release last evening relayed different account, contrary to eyewitnesses report, of the shooting death of 34 – year – old Ryan Couchman of Diamond, East Bank Demerara.

The incident which is currently being investigated occurred at about 19:00 hours yesterday (Sunday January 04). The Police Force claimed that an armed policeman, in plain clothes, was attacked and robbed of his gold jewellery by three men at Soesdyke, East Bank Demerara.

“During the robbery the policeman, who was being repeatedly assaulted by the perpetrators, discharged a round which fatally wounded Crouchman. The two accomplices managed to escape,” a police release stated.

However, iNews was reliably informed that Couchman along with the police and others  were on their way home from the Creek when they decided to stop at the Soesdyke junction to have a few beers; however an argument ensued and the assailant left, went to his car and retrieved a gun.

Eyewitnesses said he then shot Couchman approximately four times at close range in his chest and abdomen.

The police man reportedly suffered injuries and is receiving medical treatment at the Diamond Diagnostic Center.

Ryan Crouchman is known to the police and has been previously charged on a number of occasions for robbery under arms.





  1. I am an ex-service man n they say once a soldier, always a soldier. Nevertheless, I have not seen but heard n from what I gathered it clearly shows that this incident is a murder case. As an officer u r required to keep d peace n always remain calm n any situation no matter what, now disagreement is an life problem but how we dealt with it matters. This office should know better than if he’s not under any harm at no time he has d right to discharge or even show his firearm. Now let’s say he was in danger, he had the time to go to his car his duties is to call for backup because a police officer is never off duty but on Rest & Recuperate. (R&R). We call this premeditated murder.

    Angry Service Man.

  2. Take not of this eye witness statement ,,he saw the whole thing,,he say the police came out of the right back seat,shot the sucker at point blank range,,WOW,then he say the gun should not be in the car it should be on your person , the story change in two statements,,if he the police came out and shot the saint it tell one story, he came out with the gun ,according to you,Eye witness,and shot the saint,now if you say you were 30 inches away how come you switch,,make up your mind ,,bounty farm money he thief last year he cant spend it,,you and all them other Eye Witness in water street did not give statements of eye witness shit when he and gomes and buck rob the security of the millions ,,GREAT JOB, one less

  3. Hats of Gray and happy new year,,the eyewitness never see or give the suffering ppl that are victims to crime,,this sucker is responsible for a LOT of crime on many of those business men and women who left city banks,,that was his trade,,TRUNKING, it would be nice to see these church loving EYE WITNESS ppl take the same stand when they see RYAN ,,and his friends breaking into ppl cars and when he and his team along with the gun men sticking ppl up,,GOOD RIDDANCE ,,

  4. This is one less the business community have to worry about. .he was a known recycled career Criminal. .great job. Hates off to the men in blue. .

  5. Police in a release last evening relayed different account, contrary to eyewitnesses report, of the shooting death of 34 – year – old Ryan Couchman of Diamond, East Bank Demerara…

    the media is there to trrack down these so called eyewitnesses who will never show up in a court of law to testify to the truth…they cant..but will tell the media what they want their people to hear to rile them up knowing that the media will print and post their garbage eyewitness accounts shit..the media is so deadly..none of the so called news media eyewitnesses dont have cell phones to record nothing..
    its like those in the US hands up dont shoot I cant breat crap..lots of eyewitnesses testifying for the media but will never show up in court..again i say these media outfits are playing a deadly game with lives of innocent citizens.

  6. The media should release information on the policeman. The public needs to know more about him. He is put there to serve and protect, not to give judgement. He executed the man, even if he was robbed the man had no weapon on him. He cant claim self defence. He went to his car a few meters away. Retrieved his gun and came back and shot the victim.

    I’m a licensed firearm holder and if i had shot a man who i claimed robbed me that had no weapon, Id be in serious trouble. Self Defence will be thrown out. I went back to my car and retrieved my gun. (MY GUN IS NOT SUPPOSED TO BE IN A CAR IN THE FIRST PLACE) THE CAR WAS OPENED AT A crowded DRINKING SPOT)
    THE policeman was supposed to have his weapon on his person. So how is this responding to a robbery??? THERE WAS NO robbery. The policeman had an argument with the victim! This government need to do something with these lawless policemen.

  7. I was the whole ordeal from 30 feet away. The police man is a liar. HE cooked up that story to get off the hook. He came out of the right rear seat of the toyota premio, shot the guy at point blank range. He then rushed 2 females into the car and literally pushed the driver into the car and sped off. I called 911 about 5 – 6 times. No answer. It was definitely not a robbery. I heard argument! i heard beer bottles bursting! NO ROBBERY! I SAW IT HAPPENED RIGHT BEFORE MY EYES.


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