“Police should also investigate Mingo’s proven fraud if GECOM Chair will have them check APNU’S alleged “anomalies”

URP Head, Vishnu Bandhu

Dear Madam Chair,

We have noted with deep concern a news report published in the Chronicle newspaper dated 23rd May 2020, in which it is stated that you have invited Joe Harmon of APNU-AFC to submit evidence in support of multiple allegations that dead and migrated persons voted at March 2nd General and Regional Elections.

We wish to point out to you that the Order under which the National Recount is being carried out makes no provision whatsoever, either for these allegations to be entertained, nor for evidence to be received in support of these allegations. These activities, therefore, constitute a flagrant violation of the Order.

More significantly, the Constitution of Guyana reposes these matters, exclusively, to the remit of the High Court to be dealt with by an Election Petition. It is completely unlawful for GECOM to encroach upon the functions of the Judiciary.

We are informed that you intend to invite the Police to investigate these allegations. We wish to remind you that all the Political Parties are equal in the eyes of the Law and entitled to equal treatment by GECOM.

In the circumstances, we request that you invite the Police to investigate the blatant fraud committed by Clairmont Mingo, the Returning Officer of Electoral District #4 in relation to the tabulation of the results of that District, acting in a conspiracy with others, within and beyond GECOM.

We are ready to assist the Police in any such investigation.

Yours faithfully,

Dr. Vishnu Bandhu

Leader United Republic Party (URP)