Police Sergeant busted accepting bribe in sting operation


Bribe[www.inewsguyana.com] – The Guyana Police Force has caught one of its own in a sting operation, accepting a bribe from a businessman.

A police report detailed that on Tuesday, June 16, the police sergeant was arrested with $50,000 in his possession which he had demanded from a businessman in order to settle a matter of Threatening Behaviour involving the use of a firearm.

According to the police force, the sting operation was coordinated between the Police Office of Professional Responsibility and CID Headquarters.



  1. Ppl need to stop blaming police for their own damn wrong doings because if they werent the ones soliciting the helpof police they wouldnt have been the way they are so stop trying to bring them down we are all human beings get a damn life ppl and stop trying to take bread of each others mouth

  2. That was going on for a long time. I use to be a conductor in Guyana and if you don’t pay de police they would delay you for a whole day so that you can’t get to work, that kind of thing use to piss me off even the last time I went home I had to pay them because I stop to buy cane juse by de harbour bridge and there was a no parking sigh weighting on de ground witch I didn’t see because it was faded.they didn’t give me a chance to move my vehicle they start making treats when I tried to explain and when they realize I was from NY they didn’t hesitate to tell me that the sun is hot and they were thirsty so I had to let them off so that they could leave me alone.

  3. GOTCHA! Throw him in prison. I hope they catch many others. I only wish they catch the two motorcycle cops who took the $16,000. from my relative. BASTARDS!


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