Police seeking ‘Bourda Rat’ over impounded stolen vehicle


Another stolen vehicle, with fake registration numbers and a color change, has been traced, found and impounded at the Brickdam Police Station more than six months after it was stolen during an armed robbery in Georgetown.

This according to the police, who said that the vehicle was intercepted since November 27 last “with three persons following the robbery of two persons in Georgetown.”

The persons, according to the police, were charged but were subsequently freed after their victims refused to offer evidence against them.

The police detailed that the acquitted driver known as ‘Bourda Rat’ made several unsuccessful attempts to uplift the vehicle since he had been unable to provide proof of ownership.

However, the vehicle was positively identified on Friday by its owner and efforts are currently being made to have the suspect, ‘Bourda Rat’ re-arrested and charged with the June 6, 2017 carjacking committed on the Roxanne Burnham Garden resident.


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