Police say robbery with violence and aggravation up by 43% & 47% respectively


…but overall serious crimes down by 10% comparative to last year

The Guyana Police Force (GPF) says it is recording a 10 per cent decrease in serious crimes at the end of November 2017, when compared to the same period last year.

“There was a 27% decrease in Murder; an 11% increase in Robberies where no instruments were used; a 16% decrease in Robbery Under Arms where firearms were used; a 5% decrease in Robbery Under Arms where instruments other than firearms were used; a 43% increase in Robbery with Violence; a 47% increase in Robbery with Aggravation; an 11% increase in Larceny from the Person; a 6% decrease in rape; a 3% decrease in Burglary and a 16% decrease in Break and Enter and Larceny” the Police said in a statement.

According to the Police, there has also been an increase in the amount of firearms seized.

At the same period last year, 97 firearms were seized by Police; this year is recording some 115 firearms being seized thus far, this includes 66 pistols along with 19 revolvers, 18 shotguns and 12 rifles.

With regards to traffic accidents, the Police have recorded a 20 per cent decrease in fatal accidents, just over a 10 per cent decrease in serious accidents, an 8 per cent decrease in minor accidents and a 19 per cent decrease in ‘damage accidents’.

Speeding and driving under the influence are being blamed for the accidents in 2017.

“Speeding, whilst driving under the influence of alcohol and inattentiveness were the three main causes of the fatal accidents, followed by failing to confirm to sign and pedestrian crossing in the path of approaching vehicles” the Police revealed.

Fifty two accidents were as a result of speeding, 12 as a result of inattentiveness and 14 as a result of speeding while under the influence of alcohol.

Traffic violations

Additionally, Sixty-nine thousand nine hundred and seventy six (69,976) traffic violations were made, of which 23,616 were for speeding; 3,297 for breach of condition road service licence/music, 1,751 for driving under the influence of alcohol, 1,051 for using cell phone while driving; 1,062 for breach of traffic light signal; 1,543 for tinted motor vehicles, 701 for unlicenced drivers, 1,880 for failing to wear a seat belt; 1,050 for dangerous driving; 1,105 for careless driving, 739 for failing to wear safety helmet; 1,979 for overloaded minibuses; 1,519 for obstruction; 1834 for failing to confirm to signs; 1660 for crossing double yellow line and 25,189 for other offences.

As such, the Guyana Police Force pledged to continue to impose harsh penalties on delinquent road users.

Meanwhile, the Police’s Traffic Department says it will increase its efforts to lecture to schools and to ensure that patrols are placed at each school to ensure of the safety of children.


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