Police reviewing CCTV footage of daring $3M robbery at Princess yesterday…sales rep still in police custody


Two bandits are now $3M richer after executing a daring daylight robbery yesterday at the Ramada Princess Hotel, East Bank Demerara (EBD).

RobberyReports say that the victim who is a sales representative of the Supreme Petroleum and Lubricant Supply Company located at Ogle, East Coast Demerara (ECD) was about to deposit his company’s money at a bank located at the hotel when the incident took place.

INews understands that the money was the total payments made by customers for their products over a period of time and that the employee had gone yesterday morning to make the deposit into his company’s account.

Reports are that gunmen pounced upon the man while he was somewhere in the vicinity of the hotel.  One source stated that the gunmen held the sales rep at gunpoint and demanded that he hand over the cash. The duo then relieved him of the money and escaped into a waiting vehicle.

INews was told that some minutes passed before an alarm was raised as to what had taken place. Police ranks arrived promptly at the scene but by that time, the two bandits had already made good their escape.

Commander of ‘A’ Division, Clifton Hicken, told INews this morning that the matter is being treated as a robbery at present and that investigating ranks are reviewing footage of CCTV cameras which monitor the property.

The employee is still in police custody assisting with the investigations.

However, another source stated that there is a high possibility that this act may have been a staged robbery since the employee did not raise an alarm immediately after the bandits begun to flee.

Hicken added that until the investigators are finished reviewing the footage to ascertain the series of events which led to this daring robbery, it would be unwise to speculate.




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