Police release video of Debra Blackman’s murderer

Dead: Debra Blackman
Dead: Debra Blackman

[www.inewsguyana.com] – In its ongoing quest to bring Debra Blackman’s killer to justice, the Guyana Police Force today released the video of her murder, with the hope that persons will be able to identify the shooter.

The 54 – year – old woman was shot at point blank range on August 23, 2014 while working at the Delicious Chinese Restaurant on Durban Street, Georgetown.

The video shows a young man, who is the suspected murderer,  dressed in a grey T – Shirt with a black and red cap at the cashier counter engaging Blackman in a discussion, where he is seen placing money on the counter.

Later, two other men joined him at the counter. The video, however, does not show when the young man in the cap pushed his hand through the opening of the grill and shot the woman to death.


Eyewitness reports indicate that two men pulled up on a jailing motorcycle and one of them entered the restaurant; shortly after, there was a loud explosion and the man who entered the restaurant was seen racing back to the motorcycle before it sped off.

The suspect aims his gun at Blackman.
The suspect aims his gun at Blackman.

Blackman worked at the establishment for some fourteen years and experienced several robberies while standing behind the counter serving customers.

Anyone with information that may lead to the suspect’s identification and possible location is asked to call telephone numbers 225-6411, 225-2227, 227-1149, 226-7065, 225-8196, 911, or the nearest police station.

To view the video click on the following link: http://youtu.be/vSVi9yipfPw


  1. So it’s right that if you tip someone off or do anything to offend them that they shoot and kill you? Guyana’s criminals and the police and flying mighty high.

  2. Thief, thief from thief,,its sad when any person is killed but when u go crab dance what happen, she and them all share the loot from the RUA that she man take from nuff indian ppl,,do your home work on her ,,,chk who she lives with,

  3. u bet your life that some people and some police knows this killer but hey they are well protected in their so called depressed community where some share the loot while police get their cut in fri rice n beer and a lil raise too


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