Police recover high-powered weapon dropped by 2 suspects


– at Land of Canaan

Police in A Division (Georgetown-East Bank) recovered a high-powered weapon during a patrol along the East Bank of Demerara late Saturday night.

The sub-machine gun and ammunition found

According to Public Relations Officer (PRO), Superintendent Jairam Ramlakhan, around 23:30hrs, a group of Police ranks were on patrol duty when they observed two males standing at a street corner at Land of Canaan.

Upon observing the ranks approaching them, the men dropped a bag and quickly escaped through a nearby unlit street. The ranks were able to retrieve the bag and upon examination, they found that it contained a sub-machine gun and a magazine with nine live 9mm rounds.

The ranks subsequently combed the area, but the two suspects were nowhere to be found. The gun and ammunition have since been lodged. A ballistics test is expected to be conducted on the weapon to ascertain whether it was used in the commission of any crime.


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