Police re-capture man who escaped their custody at the Ruimveldt outpost


A prisoner’s bid to escape police custody was on Friday morning foiled due to quick action by the police.

However, observers are contending that the methods used to re-capture the man was excessive as he was heard complaining that that someone had “burst his head.”

Inews was unable to confirm whether the man received his injuries as a result of the Police or via his own doing during his bid to escape.

What was confirmed, by a police officer to this news agency, was that the young man who was in custody at the East Ruimveldt Police outpost on Cemetery Road in Georgetown, had asked permission to use the wash room which is situated at the back of the station.

After being granted the permission he reportedly seized the opportunity to escape the confines of the station by scaling the fence and making a run for it.

But his outpost break was short lived as an alarm was raised resulting in his re-arrest after he was given chase.

Inews caught up with the action when police were seen taking the young man back into their custody.

The re-captured man who was clad in a blood soaked vest and bleeding from his head, was seen wailing and complaining.

Police did not reveal what he was in custody for but he was taken back into the  East Ruimveldt Police outpost where he is expected to be taken for medical treatment. (Photos and story by Carl Croker)


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