Police ranks under close arrest following beating to death of West Coast man

Commander Amsterdam meets with the wife, children and relatives of Asif Hakim.
Commander Amsterdam meets with the wife, children and relatives of Asif Hakim.
Commander Amsterdam meets with the wife, children and relatives of Asif Hakim.

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Two police ranks are reportedly under close arrest following the death of 37 – year – old Asif Rahim of Ocean View, Meten – Meer – Zorg, West Coast Demerara, who was allegedly beaten by officers attached to the Leonora Police Station.

On Friday, November 28, Divisional Commander Senior Superintendent Ian Amsterdam, accompanied by Pastor Winston Assannah and Pastor Deryck Anderson of the Cops and Faith Community Network and other ranks of the Division, visited the man’s wife Sursattie Chandrapaul, children, and other relatives.

According to a police report, the Divisional Commander sympathised with the family while expressing concern over the allegations surrounding Rahim’s demise and assured the family and relatives that every effort will be made to ensure that the investigations are completed as early as possible.

Dead: Asif Rahim
Dead: Asif Rahim

Rahim, a Fisherman, died on Thursday November 27, amidst allegations that he was assaulted by the police while in custody at the weekend.

The matter is being investigated by the Police Office of Professional Responsibility.



  1. Its the same transfers ,,,the country will not have a proper POLICE force until we indians become members,,,most of the police as we all know are not working for the service and protection of the nation, lets not forget the street criminals !,,,,,,protest,,,,when ranks under the direction of a senior officer allowed the criminals to burn and robe stores,,,we must not forget how the officer in command (indian) refused to listen to the crys and calls from ranks to respond to the murders on the east coast. All them women and children ,,,,Gray its a lot of things to change ,,,as long as we have only one kind of ppl in the forces, nothing will change ,,and please understand the PPP cant change nothing ,,,we have to make that change,,i can go on with many more but look at the ranks that burn the little kid at the same station they were indians and what happen to them TRAN!,,,FER,,you remember the one that loose Skinee,,,the negro,,,twice skinee get loose,,and the ranks were not kicked by the COP,,,he just move them to do it all over again…Gray think smart,,Guyana can get better until we do better for it,,,the city will be stink because the opposition fighting the ppp,,,and the nasty ppl will say just like i herd police saying,,is the government got we so,,,i herd police say ,,,let the coliee government protect they ppl,,,the same rank said coliee got it so let them boy teck it,,,,the PPP has much work to do and like Ched said in 1992 indians need to join in the force,,,stop hoping the the opposite will protect you.

  2. There is far too much distress heaped on the Indian community.
    The police must find a way to protect innocent and hard working citizen.


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