Police probing alleged rape of Berbice schoolgirl by U.S.-based family friend

  • while on recent vacation in Guyana 

By Kristen Macklingam

A teenage girl has been left traumatised after being allegedly raped in her own home by a family friend who was vacationing in Guyana recently.

Reports reaching INews today indicate that the 15-year-old high school student who hails from Line Path in Corentyne, Berbice, was at home alone with “an older gentleman” that was staying at her house during his trip here.

 It is alleged that the 57-year-old overseas-based Guyanese is a friend of the teen’s grandmother and would stay at their home whenever he would visit Guyana.

 INews was reliably informed that the girl and her family made a report at a police station in Berbice notifying law enforcement officials of the incident.

 However, the alleged rapist could not be apprehended or arrested by police ranks since he had already returned to the United States of America (USA) when the report was made.

 Commander of ‘B’ Division, Ian Amsterdam confirmed that the alleged victim’s family made a report at the police station last night (Wednesday) around 22:00 hrs.

 Amsterdam told INews that they (the girl and her family) are alleging that the incident took place on August 16, 2016, some two weeks prior to making the report. It was during this time-frame that the alleged perpetrator returned to the USA.

Commander of Police 'B' Division, Ian Amsterdam is leading the probe
Commander of Police ‘B’ Division, Ian Amsterdam is leading the probe

 “When they came to make the report it was too late to arrest him because they made it when the man had already gone out of Guyana. However, we are still pursuing this case and whenever he returns to Guyana he will be apprehended and we will send the file to the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) for advice on the way forward. We are not closing the case just because he isn’t here. Personally I will ensure that it is not left like this. If he is guilty then justice needs to be served,” the Police Commander vowed.

 Meanwhile, investigations into the above-mentioned matter continue, INews was told.

He also urged that in cases where persons have been physically or sexually assaulted they need to come forward as soon as possible and make an official report to law enforcement officials so that those guilty can be dealt with accordingly.

Commander Amsterdam also lamented that there are many cases which do not even come to the police stations directly as well as the fact that some persons take a long time before they come to the police for help.

 “The sooner they come then the sooner we can help them and the faster we can ensure that the guilty people are caught…If people do not come forward then they are denying themselves justice and delaying it also. So I want people to rest assured that when you come forward and make your report we will handle your cases fairly and in a timely manner,” Amsterdam assured.


  1. Don’t wait until he return to Guyana. Go into the embassy and file a complain or contact the police in America . Get the Police Station number from the area he lives in. Rape messes you up psychologically.


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