Police on high alert at Leonora Magistrate court as prisoners protest



By Leroy Smith

Leonora Court[www.inewsguyana.com] – The police at the Leonora Magistrate’s Court today (Tuesday, May 27) acted swiftly to avert what could have been a situation getting totally out of hand.

 iNews learnt that there was a disturbance at the Court after the Magistrate adjourned the court appearances for several high profile prisoners to another day.

Magistrates Faith McGusty and Clive Nurse are the Magistrates who would visit the court and hear matters. iNews was informed that after the matters for several high profile prisoners were called and they were informed that there matter would not be heard today, they began behaving in a manner that caused ranks at the Court and the nearby police station to quickly get into high alert mode.

A senior police officer in the district dispelled rumors that prisoners had broke out of the lockups.

As the prisoners began behaving disorderly, heavily armed police made their presence known and surrounded the premises as they asked others persons to vacate the premises.

Two weeks ago four prisoners escaped from the Georgetown Magistrates’ court lock up. One was shot dead and two recaptured while the fourth bandit is still on the run.



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