Police Officers trained to care for companion animals


Ranks of the Guyana Police Force (GPF) Mounted Branch and the K-9 Section have been trained in caring for companion animals.

The lecture and training session was recently conducted by the Veterinary Embedded Health Engagement Team from the US Army, GPF said.

Captain Isavelida Goodearly, along with Captain Dr. Leiland Im (Veterinarian) and her assistant Veterinarian in training, Mc Kenna Frazier demonstrated the usage of first aid kit, dressing a wound/injury and properly restraining the companion animal during operations.

According to the GPF, the ranks were sensitised about animal healthcare and deployment readiness during emergency operations where animals are injured during the execution of duties.

The experts from the US Army elaborated on precautionary measures to be taken when dealing with companion animals. They explained the various types of wounds/injuries and how to properly deal with same.

The GPF said the US team has pledged to continue working with the Force.

Meanwhile, in a attendance were the Officer in charge of Mounted Branch, Deputy Superintendent Rudolph Banwari, his deputy Assistant Superintendent Rockwell Delph, several personnel from US Air Force Public Affairs Agency and over 40 ranks from the Canine and Mounted Branch.