“Police Officers should not believe they are above the law” – Balram Persaud

Senior Officers of the Police Force. [iNews' Photo]


Senior Officers of the Police Force. [iNews' Photo]
Senior Officers of the Police Force. [iNews’ Photo]
[www.inewsguyana.com] – The Guyana Police Force officially kicked off its 2014 month long activities to mark the 175 year anniversary of the Guyana Police Force. A Church Service on the Drill Square at the Police Headquarters in Georgetown signaled the commencement of activities today, July 01.

Before the service was delivered by Reverend Raphael Messiah of the First Assembly of God Church, Assistant commissioner of Police Balram Persaud spoke to the ranks.

He told them that at no point should they ever believe  they are above the law and cautioned them against breaking the law to uphold the law. Persaud indicated that while members of the Force may be chastised by the very persons they are working hard to serve and protect, they should ensure that they remain resolute to the cause and understand the importance of the oath of office they took.Police 1

Meanwhile, in his address, Reverend Raphael Messiah said that humility should be the key factor for serving. He cautioned ranks that they must always remember the ones who served before them since they are standing on the strength and shoulders of those who walked the walk.

He challenged the ranks to pay close attention to the best practices of the Force and encouraged the organisation to ensure that every single rank at the level of the training school is equipped and familiar with the best practices. [Leroy Smith]



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