‘Police must deal with police who break the law’ – Rohee charges


By Kurt Campbell

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee has charge Police Officers to deal with their fellow ranks who are found in breach of the law.

RoheeThe Minister was at the time speaking to the overwhelming complaints regarding several ranks who are driving ‘heavily tinted’ vehicles without permission and are not punished by their colleagues. 

When asked about the issue on Thursday, March 20, the Minister said “I have received those complaints too and I’m saying if it is that police ranks have heavy tinted vehicles and don’t have the relevant waiver then they must be subjected to the same treatment as a civilian.”

When asked whether he knows if this has been occurring in the face on contradictory reports the Minister said “I don’t know if it’s happening, the police must deal with that.”tinted-glass

The Minister said for the last three weeks there has been an ongoing campaign to rid the streets of tinted vehicles for which no wavier was granted. He said this has led to a flood of applications at his ministry for waivers.

“This means that there are people who are driving tinted vehicles without waivers.”

Rohee explained that in relation to vehicles that arrive with manufacturers’ tint, waivers are being issued to facilitate those persons.

He pointed out however that there are some persons who after being granted the wavier on that ground, are adding another layer of tint, thereby making the vehicles darker.

“This is what the police are making them takeoff; they can’t take off the manufacturers’ tint” the Minister noted.

Recently Opposition Member of Parliament Christopher Jones was made to remove from his vehicle tint that he had no permission for.

On a separate note Rohee said there will be no clamping down on the shops that provide the service of tinting vehicles since they are by no means breaking any law.  



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