Police launches PSA on crime fighting


The Guyana Police Force has launched two Public Service Announcements (PSA) in its crime fighting efforts.

The PSAs were produced with assistance from the Canadian based Justice Education Society. One addresses crime scene contamination and the other forensic video surveillance cameras.

Minister of Public Security, Khemraj Ramjattan, said the PSAs are part of the public education of citizens. “A lot of Guyanese don’t understand sometimes, their role in this whole process but, communicating to the public those things, will take us there,” he said.

According to the Government Information Agency (GINA) the videos will soon begin airing on televisions stations and can also  be found on social media sites.


  1. Good beginning.
    The Ministry of health also needs to produce similar ones on health practices. For example…..what to do at an accident scene.
    I remember the sad incident of a teacher who was involved in an accident…..well wishers quickly bundled her into a vehicle and rushed her towards the hospital. Upon arrival ,she exited the vehicle and was walking towards the emergency section when she collapsed.Subsequent findings found that she died from a situation of a broken rib puncturing her heart.
    Then on the other hand ,our ambulatory (EMS) is still operating in a primitive stage urgently needs attention and realignment.


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