Police launch man hunt for men who disposed of shotgun at Kwakwani


Police in ‘E’ Division (Linden-Kwakwani) are on the hunt for two males after they reportedly disposed of an illegal shotgun upon seeing the police along the Unamico Road on Tuesday.

According to information received, at approximately 05:15h, ranks attached to the Kwakwani Police Station and Special Branch Unit, acting on information received ventured out to the Unamico Road.

The gun that was disposed of by the two men

Upon arrival they reportedly observed two males walking in the corner of the road, with one alleged to have what appeared to be a shotgun in his hand. It was noted that upon observing the Police vehicle the males reportedly ran into some bushes.

The ranks reportedly gave chase, however they were unable to find the men amongst the thick vegetation. The ranks reportedly continued their search through the bushes where they discovered one Savage 12 Gauge Shotgun.

Police say the gun was taken to the Kwakwani Police Station where it was further examined for a serial number but none was found.  The gun was reportedly sealed and lodged at the Kwakwani Police Station.


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