Police investigating Wakapoa poisoning

Selena Thomas and Edward Richards
Selena Thomas and Edward Richards

Police ranks have been deployed into the Wakapao Village, Region Two (Pomeroon-Supenaam) to investigate the circumstances surrounding the suspected poisoning of a family, where two members have already died.

Divisional Commander, Khali Pareshram told INews that although no report was made to any of the police stations under his command, he has instructed that investigators look into the situation.

“ I sent in ranks this morning to visit the area. This is after the Toshao of that village/area and myself had a discussion on the matter. Based on this, I sent my ranks in but I do not know how long they will take to do their work in there and when they will return exactly since they have to do an in-depth investigation into the circumstances,” the Commander explained.

Four family members are currently battling for their lives at the Georgetown Public Hospital.

So far, Selena Thomas, 38, and her 76-year-old father, Edward Richards have died as a result of the suspected poisoning.

The entire family fell ill after reportedly consuming cassava they reaped from their farm.

A postmortem examination performed on the first victim was inconclusive but samples were sent overseas for further testing.