Police investigating shooting, bomb threats at Bishops and QC

Gates locked at Bishops’ as most students waited on their parents
At Bishops’ most of the students waited on their parents

Two top public secondary schools were on Friday afternoon faced with bombing and shooting threats reportedly by person/s who are behind the threats being advanced to School of the Nations, a private entity.

This publication understands that the social media accounts created on Whatsapp, Facebook and Instagram, which were reportedly sending threats to School of the Nations, gave a bomb scare to Queens College (QC) while threatening to shoot persons at the Bishops High School.

Queens College a few minutes before classes were dismissed at 15:00h on Friday was reportedly on lockdown as gates remained padlocked and heavily guarded.

A few moments prior, Police ranks had visited the school with a sniffer dog to assess the situation.

Parents were not allowed to enter the premises so they waited outside until classes were dismissed.

As customary, they would utilise the Thomas Road, Georgetown entrance to collect their kids. This was blocked, and vehicles were not allowed to enter the school’s compound.

At the Bishops’ High School, there was a similar scenario as students waited inside the premises until their parents arrived.

The person/s responsible for these threats are still unknown and Police said that they have been making efforts to apprehend a suspect.

As information began to spread about the situation at the schools, small messages were dispatched to drive fear into students and teachers.

One of the posts later said, “Lock down ain’t gonna stop me.”

A screenshot of the message circulating

The Guyana Police Force (GPF) announced a few hours after, that several persons were later questioned about the threats at both schools and an investigation has been launched.

Assurance was given that the safety of all stakeholders remains a commitment.

“Those matters are also being investigated by the Guyana Police Force which wishes to assure members of the public that it is committed to ensuring safety and security of all students, teachers, administrators and parents of the aforementioned schools and all other private and Government schools,” the GPF stated.

Meanwhile, at School of the Nations, parents gathered for another meeting for updates on the recent security measures that were implemented ever since it’s Director, Dr Brian O’Toole was shot at his home on Sunday evening.

Along with Police presence, the institution has sought to make modifications to a hut in front of the premises where contents entering the school are likely to be monitored.

Adding to that, the Professional Guard Services were engaged to provide baton services at the institution. It was maintained that they are desisting from having guns present on site during learning periods.

However, the bags of senior students will be searched along with younger students who are accompanying these older children. This is to ensure that weapons and chemicals are not stealthily passed through security checks.

INews understands that the school is looking at a lockdown situation should any emergency arise, rather than an evacuation process.


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