Police investigating murder of taxi driver at Puruni Landing


A taxi driver of Puruni Landing, Region Seven (Cuyuni-Mazaruni) was killed after he allegedly refused to transport a passenger to his destination.

The identity of the dead man is yet to be confirmed by the Police, but according to F Division (interior Locations) Commander Kevin Adonis, the incident was reported and a team of investigators travelled into the area on Sunday morning to launch a probe.

He added that owing to the water level, the ranks took more time to reach the area than expected, noting the telephone connectivity was lacking. He stated that once information became available, it would be disseminated to the public.

More so, he could not verify whether or not the suspect was arrested.

Based on information reaching this publication, the suspect whose name was given as “Bean” approached the now dead man and requested to be taken to a location a short distance away.

However, the driver refused and this reportedly angered the suspect.

An argument subsequently ensued and the the suspect whipped out a reportedly unlicenced firearm and discharged a round, hitting the driver.

Upon hearing the gunshot, people in the area rushed to the scene where they saw the driver in a pool of blood in his vehicle.

He subsequently died.

It was reported that the suspect was previously placed before the court and charged with unlawful possession of a firearm and ammunition.


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