Police investigating murder of elderly Corentyne woman

Chandarie Budhoo
Chandarie Budhoo

Police are investigating the murder of 83-year-old Chandarie Budhoo called ‘Auntie Dayo’ of Lot 83 Sixth Street Tain, Corentyne in Region Six (East Berbice Corentyne).

The elderly woman, who lived alone, was this morning discovered dead, with her hands and feet tied up.

Lilowtie Samaroo, a fellow villager, said every other morning she would take breakfast for Budhoo and when she went this morning, she saw both the gate and the door open.

According to Samaroo, as she attempted to enter the building she notices a few bags lying on the floor and realized that something was amiss.

The house where the woman’s body was found

As such, she immediately left the building and called on two persons who were in the community to go check on the pensioner.

One of the men who responded was Budhoo’s immediate neighbor Dhanraj Singh.

“When I went I see the back door opened and she on the ground on the sponge [mattress],” he recalled.

“Then I walk away and come out the house because I say that is a police matter,” he told this publication.

Police have since arrested two persons aged 21 and 31; one of the suspects lives behind Budhoo’s house. [Andrew Carmichael]