Police in possession of Students’ sex video

Crime Chief, Leslie James
Crime Chief, Leslie James

[www.inewsguyana.com] – The Guyana Police Force says it is in possession of the sex video by students of a popular High School in Georgetown, however, it is unclear whether an investigation has been launched into this incident by the police.

According to Crime Chief Leslie James, the matter has engaged the attention of the Force but he was reluctant to give further information and what course of action will be taken by the police in this regard.

The sex video with the four students went viral on social network and which elicited nasty comments from members of the public.

The video shows two girls performing oral sex on two boys, all dressed in their school uniform from a popular High School in Georgetown. While the sexual act was being performed, another person in the room recorded it.

Education Minister, PriyaManickchand told iNews that she is “disturbed” at the video and that her Ministry first became aware of it on Thursday, October 02.

She explained that an investigation was immediately launched. The Ministry is seeking to find out when and where the incident took place and the identity of those involved.

She called on persons, especially young people and school children to refrain from abusing their gadgets, especially mobile phones.


  1. Really folks? You really all think that the problem here are the gadgets? What about the students themselves? What has gone wrong with their morals that they would behave like that and think that it is normal. Where are their parents in all of this? Cell phone or not, they would would have done it. The problem isn’t the cell phone here, it is what is in their heads.


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