Police hunting man over gruesome murders of his wife, daughter in Berbice


A father of two is now being hunted after he reportedly killed his wife and daughter at their Bamboo Dam, Glasgow Housing Scheme, Berbice home on Wednesday morning.

While details remain sketchy, INews was told that the suspect has been identified only as “Radho.”

His dead wife is said to be “Kameal”- only name given- and his 21-year-old daughter has been identified as “Ameila.”

According to reports from residents in the area, the suspect and his wife were involved in an argument earlier this morning (Wednesday), and the man became enraged, to the point, that he reportedly slit his wife’s throat as she was lying in a hammock located under the house.

He also reportedly stabbed his daughter several times about her body, a short while later.

His ten-year-old son allegedly managed to escape harm and ran over to a neighbour’s house.

Eyewitnesses told this online publication that “Radho” was seen running into the nearby cane fields after the ghastly discoveries were made.

An investigation has been launched.



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