Police hunting man accused of raping his three step-daughters


By Kristen Macklingam

Shock waves rippled through a quiet village located on the East Bank of Berbice (EBB) when allegations that three young girls were being sexually molested by their step-father surfaced yesterday.

Commander of “B” Division, Ian Amsterdam, told INews today that a report was made at the police station on Thursday morning that three siblings, ages 1, 4 and 7, were raped by their mother’s husband.

Commander Ian Amsterdam
Police Commander Ian Amsterdam says the hunt is on for the man who allegedly raped his three step daughters

He stated that the children’s mother is presently in police custody, but the step-father is on the run and is yet to be located.

“We are looking for him and we will not stop until we get him. I am told that the mother has eleven daughters and three sons, with the youngest child belonging to this man. The three sisters were spotted somewhere along the seawalls in an area that borders the Berbice River on the East Bank of Berbice and when questioned they claimed that their father abused them, molested them and put them out,” the Police Commander stated.

He explained that a schools’ Welfare Officer is the person who initially became involved when a report was made to them about the girls being found wandering along the seawalls. Subsequently, law enforcement officials were notified of the incident and investigations commenced immediately.

INews was told that the three young girls were admitted to the New Amsterdam Hospital where they are currently being monitored as tests are being conducted on them.

“The mother is unemployed…it is said that she is behaving as if she is suffering from mental problems but I don’t know if she is indeed suffering from such issues. The step-father does not have a stable job which is why we can’t find him right away, but we definitely will and soon. He does odd jobs around the place and we are not giving up until we have him in custody,” Commander Amsterdam vowed.

According to the police, neighbours were not aware of what had been transpiring and could not intervene even if they knew something was wrong because the mother of the children would have verbal fights with them (the neighbours) telling them that they should “mind your own business”.

Meanwhile, some of the woman’s children are said to be “all over the place”. In light of this, the Police Commander posited that law enforcement officials are working on obtaining the help from the Child Protection Agency to get involved and assist the other children as well.



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