Police hunting gunman who shot at patrol ranks in Albouystown

The Guyana Police Force (GPF) is currently on the hunt for three men, one of whom is said to have opened gunfire at police ranks in Albouystown, Georgetown this morning.
gun crimeThe incident reportedly occurred around 11:00hrs.
The three men were reportedly involved in a heated argument in the vicinity of Hunter Street, Albouystown when one of the individuals pulled out a firearm and discharged several rounds in the air.
As he attempted to make an escape, he was confronted by police patrol ranks. He reportedly opened fire in the direction of the police and then made good his escape by running through a cross street.
INews understands that the police refrained from exchanging gunfire since other individuals including children were in the vicinity.
Fortunately, no one was hurt or injured. The police, however, have since received descriptions of the men involved in the argument and are currently in the process of pursuing suspects.
No arrest was made, as of the time of this INews post.


  1. If the government of Guyana or the police force or the army cannot govern this once beautiful envy of the world, then a referendum should be held by the Guyanese public to reinstate governance to the United Kingdom from which Guyana was a paradise and respected colony of the British commonwealth.

  2. My my my where in this planet these people are getting GUNS from???
    Is Guyana becoming a cowboy western country…? Why can’t the police seek help from the army and hunt down every home and start ceasing illegal guns? What is the government doing….to curb and stop these criminals?

  3. Ridiculous, no respect for the law. With out these police men we are doomed. I hope he is caught soon. Too many guns in the wrong hands.


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