Police Force holds training, other activities for youths in Essequibo

The Guyana Police Force’s ‘G’ Division, under the command of Superintendent K. Pareshram, recently held a number of activities for the youths in that division.
One of the key activities is a training programme being held at the Essequibo Technical Institute, where thirty six youths are currently enrolled in a vocational skill training programme which commenced on October 03, 2016. The areas they are being trained in so as to make them more applicable in the job market are welding, electrical installation, construction and heavy duty equipment operation.
ess-polOn November 19, 2016 the Charity Police Youth Group was launched with an initial 42 members. They were encouraged by the Division’s Deputy Commander, Deputy Superintendent M. Siwnarine to use their free time in a way that is constructive and beneficial to themselves and their community.
Whilst on November 20, 2016 the Divisional Commander using funds acquired from a fund raising activity bought and donated a sewing machine to the Good Hope/ Aurora Police Youth Group, in an effort to develop its members. The handover was done at the opening ceremony of the ‘Day of Sports for Police Youth Groups’ in that division, which was held at the Affiance Community Centre Ground, where in excess of 250 youths from nine groups were in attendance, with prizes and trophies being given to the winners of the various sporting events.


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