Police Force gives out over $12M in awards


police awards

[www.inewsguyana.com] – The Guyana Police Force paid out some $12.3 M in awards to 1,300 Officers, Inspectors and other ranks today (Wednesday, July 16), at an award ceremony which forms part of its 175th anniversary celebrations.

The event has become traditional and occurs twice yearly: during the Force’s Anniversary celebrations and in the month of December.

Commissioner of Police (ag) Seelall Persaud acknowledged the positive motivational impact such an activity has on ranks by recognizing the efforts made beyond the normal call of duty.

He said the ceremony which was started by Commissioner Lewis in the 1990 remains relevant and as such will be continued.

“Our serious crime statistics at this time is showing that we are 9% down relative to the same period last year, however, we have a 9% increase in murders and a 25% increase in gun related robberies. All divisions are showing overall decreases with the exception of ‘F’ Division that is showing an increase, however, ‘A’ Division, even though it is showing a 2% reduction overall, it has a 25% increase in gun related robberies,” the Top Cop pointed out.police

Regarding road deaths, he said that the statistics is showing that fatal accidents has increased by 6% from 53 last year to 56 this year and fatalities increase by 9% from 56 last year to 61 this year. To this end he said the Traffic Department will increase its efforts in traffic education and enforcement.

The Commissioner added that the Force is at a unique moment in its history; urging that a proactive to crime and illegal activity be taken by all ranks.

He outlined the initiatives the Force is engaged with as part of its modernization process and said the award of $12.3M is well deserved.



  1. For what? In the mean time, the pensioners are still waiting for their money from 1991. I guess once you stop working, correction, are forced to stop working at age 55, in Guyana you’re considered good as dead!


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