Police emblem on Seelall’s vehicle is new to Rohee

The Police Commissioner Official Vehicle
President Donald Ramotar (F/L) and Commissioner Seelall (F/R).
President Donald Ramotar (F/L) and Commissioner Seelall (F/R).

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee today told iNews that, as far as he is aware, only the President has the luxury of using an emblem in the space of the vehicle number plate.

He was responding to questions on the use of the Guyana Police Force emblem on the official vehicle of Commissioner of Police (ag) Seelall Persaud and said it is something that he has never witnessed in the past.

“I don’t know if anything is wrong with that but I know that as far as I can recall it is only the President and the Chief of Staff of the GDF that has that kind of facility and I think the best persons to ask is the Commissioner of Police how come that has happened,” Rohee told iNews.

Rohee went on to state that since he assumed the post of Minister of Home Affairs he is not aware of any Commissioner of Police utilizing that kind of facility.

The Police Commissioner Official Vehicle
The Police Commissioner Official Vehicle

Meanwhile, when contacted this afternoon, a Former Senior Police Officer said that when he saw the photo in a section of the media he was taken aback and wondered why the emblem was being used on the “acting” Commissioner of Police’s vehicle.

The former senior officer said that he can recall being in the force when representations were made to the very Home Affairs Minister for a special numbering system for the Guyana Police Force vehicles including GPF-1 or COP- 1 for the Commissioner so that police vehicles can be easily identified.

iNews was told that many of the systems and initiatives which are being rolled out by the Guyana Police Force are things which were in tried but failed to get the go ahead from the Ministry of Home Affairs.

“Different folks different strokes I guess,” the former officer told iNews.

Meanwhile, contrary to the comment of Minister Rohee that the GDF Head also uses an emblem on his offical vehicle, iNews was able to confirm that the vehicle used by the Chief of Staff of the Guyana Defence Force bears the number DFB-1 while the other vehicles bear various numbers under the DFB series.

When the Chief of Staff is present in the vehicle two tiny flag are usually fluttering just above the bonnet, namely the National Flag and the Guyana Defence Force Flag.

As it is now, it is only President Donald Ramotar and Commissioner of Police Seeall Persaud who are using emblem in the space of number plates on their official state issued vehicles.



  1. So IDIOT, check the history before making a public statement. Didn’t the Police Commissioner’s Jeep always carry an emblem of the Coat of Arms back in the day?


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