Police destroy ganja worth over $793M at Fort Nassau


Earlier today, a party of policemen conducted an eradication exercise on the left bank of Fort Nassau, Berbice River, where they found and destroyed over $793 million in marjiuana.

At the location, the police said five makeshift camps were found linked to fields of marijuana plants. At four of the camps, cooking utensils and small amounts of foodstuff were seen with hammocks and mattresses along with cuttings of marijuana. One of the camps had marijuana being dried and processed.

Several salt bags with plant fertilizers were seen near the fields. About 15 feet away from the camps, there were corresponding farms with suspected marijuana plants measuring from 6 inches to about 9 feet, planted on fifteen beds.

On a closer inspection of the said camp, there was a quantity of seeds, leaves and stems suspected to be cannabis in a kitchen area of the camp.

The suspected marijuana plants, camp and drying area were photographed and subsequently destroyed by means of cutting first and then setting same on fire.

The total amount of marijuana plants seen was over 20,000 and about 300lbs dry compressed marijuana.

According to the police, the estimated street value for the suspected cannabis is $793,786,750 in Guyana Currency.

No arrest was made but the area was marked by its location.