Police deny stealing money from vehicle at Sparendaam Police Station


money-bag[www.inewsguyana.com] – The Guyana Police Force (GPF) says initial investigations into the removal of a bag containing some $2 million from a canter truck in front the Sparendaam Police station on Monday have not unearthed any evidence to substantiate the claim that two police ranks, in civilian clothing, took the money.

The truck driver, Mohamed Ishmael Latif had claimed that the bag of money was removed from the canter truck while he and his porter were engaged with police ranks in front of the Sparendaam Police Station where a stop and search anti-crime exercise was being conducted.

The GPF in clarifying the incident that was reported to the police at Cove and John Police Station said the Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR) is presently conducting investigations into the allegation.

Police say Latif reported that he was driving motor lorry GJJ 4169 on his way back to Berbice after selling cooking oil to business entities, when he was stopped by two police traffic ranks outside Sparendaam Police Station.

Latif works with his brother who owns the business and there were four male porters with him at the time, two in the cab of the vehicle and the other two in the enclosed tray.

He alleged that during the checking of his documents by the two traffic policemen, two other policemen who were dressed in civilian clothing at the time, entered the vehicle and stole the sum of $1,985,000.00 which he had placed in the cab of the vehicle, in a pocket between the driver and the passenger seats.

 However, the Force says so far, the descriptions given of the two men “in civilian clothing” do not fit any of the police ranks attached to the Sparendaam Police Station.

The police have recovered $141,000.00 in the same pocket where the stolen money was reportedly kept, as the investigations continue.




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